Who is Luca Vasta?


Luca Vasta is an Italian-German singer & songwriter from Berlin. She was raised bilingual and grew up in Germany and Sicily as one of four children. She started singing at an early age. Her Italian dad introduced her to Italian music and together they often did jam sessions in the living room. This is when her passion for music was born that defines her today.


”There’s so much more to write about then Love and Break Ups. So, I traveled to Italy, sitting on a piazza everyday, watching people. I realised there’s so much more to talk about.”

Luca went one step further

In 2018 Luca Vasta founded the music label „Gelato Records“ in order to release music she really loves and to be more independant. Since then, four singles and one EP has been released. Contrary to artists signed to big labels Luca keeps all the income that she receives from her releases and concerts.


“I thought if I have my own label, I could show all the different sides of me and have full creative control of everything.”


Find more music

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My Music?

I wrote most of my new songs in Italy. I get inspired by the nature and culture and also I’m also more productive because the internet is so slow. I don’t need a lot to write a song: A guitar or a piano and something to write lyrics on.

You want to stay in touch?

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Luca´s Handicrafts


Luca is well known for her handmade tinkers. After she started crafting phone necklaces for herself, she could not believe the attention she has gotten from fans. So now you can find her personal handmade phone necklaces in her “gelato shop”.

IMG_8814 2.jpg

"I'm Italian, when I have guests over I want them to be happy.

Thats why I give value for my merchandise. In 2017 I started to design smartphone necklaces in Sicily while we were recording there. Its fashionable and useful"